In 2012, we added the first hybrid barge to our fleet: the Duandra, 110 x 16.20 metres. The ship is equipped with two Volvo main engines, each generating 750 HP. Mounted behind the clutch is a 475 HP electric motor. In the bow are 2 Volvo generators, each of which can produce 680 HP.
Not only is the ship more economical because it can sail in three modes, it is also completely adapted to suit the present situation: sailing loaded or empty, with the tide or against the tide.Katalysator

The 3 sailing modes are:

– Diesel direct
– Diesel electric
– Electric

The ship is equipped with a catalytic converter with an AdBlue injector and a particle oxidation catalyst. The residual heat from the engines is used to heat the living quarters and wheelhouse (see image).

In late 2014, the fleet was expanded with the addition of the Mystery, also a hybrid. The hull is an exact copy of the Duandra. The only change compared to the Duandra is that the configuration has been altered to incorporate the experience and knowledge gained in the interim. It was decided to install a new type of electric motor in the Mystery, connected directly to the propeller shaft. This allows a standard clutch to be used, which means no PTO clutch is needed.

Configuration of engines/clutch and electric motor in the Duandra


Configuration of engines/clutch and electric motor in the Mystery